Call for presentations in the end-users’ workshops

For the first time, an ICWIM conference offers dedicated workshops to the end-users. These workshops aim to facilitate exchanges between end-users, WIM manufactures, vendors and consultants. The intention is to attract existing and potential new end-users of WIM systems and bring them together with ISWIM vendors where, in an open forum, end-users can express their needs and requirements.
Short presentations of real life experiences by end-users with various applications of WIM systems/data are expected, followed by an open discussion and Q/A between vendors and end-users, and between different end-users sharing their experiences. An ISWIM expert/board member will briefly introduce each workshop.
Each major sponsor registered to ICWIM8 will have a 15 min slot, while each regular sponsor, exhibitor and participant who have subscribed for the "end-user workshop presentation" option, will have a 10 min slot, in one of the end-user workshops. Preferably, the vendors will invite one of their main customers to give a presentation on their experiences with a particular WIM solution or application provided by the vendor. Alternatively, some vendors may give a presentation highlighting a case study of one of their projects including an application, and report the outputs for the end-user..
In addition, each speaker registered to an end-user workshop is encouraged to submit in parallel a poster only (see the open call for that), which will be exhibited throughout the conference in the poster area.
It is important to note that these workshops should NOT highlight purely commercial presentations by the vendors (this can be done in the exhibition areas).

End users workshop topics

Workshop 1 (Monday, 13:00-14:30): Transport Efficiency & Safety
Combination of in-road and on-board weighing systems, applications to traffic safety, tire pressure…
Workshop 2 (Tuesday, 13:30-14:45): Advanced Weight Enforcement
Applications to direct enforcement, requirements, standardization, legal acceptance, data quality control
Workshop 3 (Wednesday, 13:30-14:45): Infrastructure Design & Maintenance
In-road and bridge WIM systems, applications to the safety of pavements and bridges, bridge protection

Registration and Schedule:

Fully registered sponsors and exhibitors should confirm if they plan using their slot, and if so to propose a topic/title and a speaker name/affiliation by December 31, 2018.
Other interested end-users or vendors may apply for one slot by submitting a topic/title and a speaker name/affiliation, and if accepted (subject to availability, answer by December 15), will have to register for an “end-user workshop presentation” (1,000 € incl. one free delegate registration).
As soon as confirmed/registered, each participant may submit a poster:
Posters only