Before registering, please read carefully the instructions below.
Before registering, you must identify yourself with your login and password if already registered to ISWIM, or sign up to this web site (top right of the page) if not yet done (but do not sign up twice!).
Your registration will be completed only when your payment will be received by ISWIM.
The registration must be done under the name/account of the right person. The access name badge will only be delivered to the account's owner and an ID will be required at the registration desk.
Unpaid pending registrations may be cancelled after 15 days. Unpaid pending registrations will be deleted when the early bird and advance rates will expire.
After payement, your registration and options cannot be changed.


All the payments shall be made either on line by credit card (through Paypal), or by bank transfer, mentioning "Name, first name, affiliation and ICWIM8 registration", (only before April 15, 2019), to:
UBS Account: No. 202-643015.60R
Client no. 202-643015
IBAN: CH22 0020 2202 6430 1560 R
Holder: International Society for Weigh in Motion
VAT no. CHE-116.303.292 MWST

Lily Poulikakos, EMPA,
Überlandstrasse 129, CH-8600 Dübendorf
tel: +41 448 234 479