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Traffic Data Systems GmbH (TDS)


Traffic Data Systems is one of the world's most innovative developers and manufacturers of high-end traffic monitoring systems. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany and is a technology and market leader in the fields of dynamic axle-load scales (WIM, Weigh-In-Motion), vehicle and bicycle classification systems as well as systems for processing environmental data (RWIS).


The main focus in the dynamic weighing (Weigh in Motion) of vehicles is on the safety of road users, compliance with legal regulations and also the protection and long-term maintenance of the traffic infrastructure. Individual items of vehicle data are recorded using axle load sensors and inductive loops installed in the road surface. These items of data include wheel weights, axle weights and overall weights. TDS´s WIM-DSP 32 is currently in the certification process for Weigh-In-Motion Enforcement (WIM-E) applicataion. The systems certification is based on the OIML R134 standard and for a speed range from 5km/h - 110 km/h for heavy vehicles and 5km/h - 160km/h for Light Goods Vehicles (LGV).


- Overload enforcement (WIM-E)
- Statistics (WIM-S)
- Preselection (WIM-P)
- Road pricing (toll)
- Pavement engineering
- Bridge engineering/screeening


Currently Europe is the main market for TDS weigh-in-motion systems. Systems have been delivered and installed in Germany, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Customers for weigh in motion systems are national and international Road Authoirties, Road Opetartors, Federal Highway Research Institues and Industry.
Traffic Data Systems GmbH (TDS)


Notkestrasse 13
22607 Hamburg, Germany


Florian WEISS


+49 40 5280 09 0


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