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Cestel d.o.o.

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Cestel d.o.o., Spruha 32, 1236 Trzin, was formed in 1992 as reorganization of former private firm Elektronika Brozovic which was well known in former Yugoslavia since 1978. The company started with two emplyees and developed to the highly specialised firm in area of traffic engineering and weigh-in-motion with 20 employees.


Products SiWIM is a bridge weigh-in-motion and classification system which uses instrumented existing bridges and culverts from the road network as the weighing scales. Data can be used for: - Traffic analyses - Road and pavement design and assessment - Maintenance planning - Traffic load modelling for bridge assessment - Assessment of bridge structural parameters


Applications - Overload enforcement - Pavement engineering - Bridge engineering - Statistics For more information please visit SiWIM web site.

- Overload enforcement
Excellent multi-lane free-flow capabilities for up to 6 lanes in one¬direction.
Weight measurement of individual wheels or dual-tire wheel for each side of axle separately, which allows correct¬identification of wrong side vehicle load.


SiWIM system is operational in Canada, USA, Brazil, Sweden, Netherland, Austria, France, Croatia, India, with measurements performed also in Romania, Oman, Germany, etc.
Cestel d.o.o.


Å pruha 32
1236 Trzin, Slovenia




+386 1 568 17 19


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