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1214/12/20 IS-WIM Zoom meeting Donald HalvorsenWhen and were will the recording and slides of the call on Dec 14th, 2020 be posted? The presentations were all very good and useful.
1127/08/20 Mendoza MiguelHi all,

I'm a Ph.D. student in the faculty of civil engineer at TU Delft in the Netherlands. I'm building a Bayesian Network model to generate synthetic WIM data. Does anyone could please share WIM data sets including the location of the stations and the descriptions of the headers? It will be very helpful for me in order to create a better model.

Please contact me on the e-mail

Kind regards,
Miguel Mendoza
1011/02/20 European standard for classification Noettveit SimenHi,
The Norwegian Public Road Administration are planning to build data from WIM-sensors and send it to a central processing solution for ANPR, and then alarm if a violation appear.
These are questions aimed at WIM and control of weights against violations we seek information about.

On our WIM installations, vehicles are classified according to different standards based on manufacturer / supplier.We can see one supplier uses FHWA13 and others use EUR13.

We seek information on what the common European standard deals with when it comes to vehicle classification issues, and what experience exists in terms of classification, violation and creation of rule-sets.
Please contact me on e-mail, if you can provide us with further information in relation of classification and violation.

Best Regards
Simen Nøttveit
917/09/19 Quartz sensor Hans Van looDear Daniel Wang, could you give some more details on what exactly you are looking for?

Would you like to purchase the WIM sensors only or a complete WIM system? Several of our ISWIM-Vendors provide complete WIM system solutions based on quartz sensors.

In case it is only sensors you want to purchase and you have already decided for quartz sensors I suggest you contact Kistler directly. If you have not yet decided on the technology, you may be interested in information on alternative types of sensors provided by other ISWIM-vendors.

Please check the ISWIM-Vendors pages on our website for information on their products and solutions.
816/09/19 Quartz sensor needed for WIM system Daniel WangInitial purchasing volume is approx. 1.600 pcs of quartz sensors in 4 different lengths.

These sensors are used in WIM system and need to meet following technical specs:

-Demanded system accuracy : ±5%
-Road setup: Number of lanes 8 total / Bi-directional setup
-Pavement type: Concrete

The vehicle speed is approx 60-80km/hour.
Each direction will contains 3x1.75m, 3x2m, 1x1.5m and 1x1m quartz sensors.
707/05/19 RFI for HS-WIM systems Alon Alon leibovitshCross Israel Highway Ltd, a private governmental company wholly owned by the State of Israel, hereby requests information on the contemplated acquisition and supply of a HS-WIM system application for an active highway
for more information, please refer to the RFI:
627/02/19 WIM systems - tenders samples Koby KarniHello,

Israel's Ministry of Transport decided for the first time to place two WIM systems for trucks weighing.

The first two weighing in motion systems will be a pilot attempt with the intention of installing additional systems on main roads in the future.

The systems will be installed on Highway 6, which is a fast toll freeway with freeflow traffic. (no toll booths to pay ).

We are looking for examples of tenders (bids) for trucks WIM in Europe in recent years.

Weighing systems will initially be used to collect statistical data and for pre-selection of suspected overloading trucks.

In the future, if possible, the WIM systems will be used for direct enforcement of truck weights.

Can you address us to websites or files where there are examples of WIM tenders from Europe?

koby karni
507/04/17 Information request Hans Van looDear Anna Gamurak, we have asked our ISWIM-Vendors to send you information on the solutions and technology they provide directly to your e-mail address. I am sure that this will give you an overview of the most advanced technology available in the market today. Furthermore I will send you a general paper on the different applications of WIM for weight enforcement including examples in a number of European countries.
406/04/17 Information request Anna GamurakThe Department of Construction and Transport of Belgorod region (Russian Federation) kindly asks you to provide us with the information about dynamic weight and dimensions control for lorries world best practices:
- the most advanced technologies of WIM applied in the world now,
- the statistics of WIM complexes installed all over the world.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
324/02/17 ICWIM7 Proceedings Hans Van looAll the papers and presentations are available on the website.
Just log in and follow the links: 'Conferences', link on the top right;
'ICWIM-7', link in the list on the right side; 'Sessions', link at the bottom of the page;
'Session 1-8', with the papers and presentations of each session
216/02/17 ICWIM7 Post Proceedings Raoul CasagrandeCould you please advise as to when the ICWIM7 post proceeding papers will be available to the Forum? Thanks
106/02/20 Hans Van Loo

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